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Sneaker Spotlight: UNDFTD x Nike Dunk High NL

UNDFTD x Nike Dunk High NL

Special “packs” are nothing new to Nike. They have been collaborating and giving shine to certain markets for many years. 2005 was the year that we saw the “Clerks” pack come about. Consisting of three waves of three sneakers apiece, reputable Nike retailers were given the opportunity to create a sneaker of their own with the “clerks” holding design control. The first wave belonged to Los Angeles who were represented by Stussy and the Blazer Mid, Union and their Air Force 180 and UNDFTD with the Dunk High NL featured here. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Undefeated x adidas ZX 8000

Undefeated x adidas ZX 8000

In the world of sneaker boutiques there a one brand that sneaker lovers wait patiently for every year to release a special drop. That brand is Undefeated aka UNDFTD. Undefeated for many years has had all #sneakerholics attention for their unique and astonishing collections. In 2008 they partnered up with adidas to be part of the special aZX collection Consortium pack to represent the letter U. Continue reading

Sneaker Showcase: Undefeated x Converse Poorman Weapon

Undefeated x Converse Poorman Weapon

Southern California sneaker boutique Undefeated has made a name for themselves in the #sneakerholic community for releasing some of the freshest collaborations to hit the market. For a few years now they have been collaborating with classic sneaker brand Converse on a model that many sneaker enthusiast were not very aware of its history. The Poorman Weapon is a classic basketball sneaker that Converse had not released in many years. From previous collaborations, Undefeated has been well-known to bring back classic sneaker models so they decided to add a refreshing and new twist to this gem. Owners Eddie Cruz and James Bond worked their magic on this model to ensure to make it their own and solidify making them a hit. Continue reading

Sneaker Showcase: Undefeated x New Balance 574 ‘Sonic Fleece’ Pack

Undefeated x New Balance 574 'Sonice Fleece' Pack

Since it is officially Fall we decided to take a look back at a collaboration that features a material that is more than welcomed during this time of the year, fleece. Streetwear giant Undefeated linked up with New Balance in 2010 for a special two-pack of the classic 574. These limited edition versions of the sneaker featured uppers done up of “reverse weave fleece that is loved by athletes and spectators alike is the perfect canvas to showcase and celebrate the classic American history of the two brands.” Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Undefeated x New Balance 1500 “Desert Storm”

Undefeated x New Balance 1500 "Desert Storm"

If a sneaker brand is looking for someone to create a special and solid collaborative sneaker with, they have to look no further than the team from Undefeated (UNDFTD). For this particular collaboration the popular New Balance 1500 was chosen as the base to start off with. Los Angeles based UNDFTD is known for creatively integrating sports and military into their designs, the 1500 was based on the latter. Continue reading