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Sneaker Spotlight: AND1 Tai Chi “Vince Carters”

AND1 Tai Chi "Vince Carter"

Before Vince Carter made a lot of fans upset in Toronto, his most famous signature line belonged to Nike. But before Nike, many forget that PUMA actually had a contract with “Half-Man, Half-Amazing”. During this time though, Carter was seeking other options of footwear and had a happenstance on AND1. With AND1, he was given the Tai Chi. He wore these sneakers throughout the 1999-00 NBA season, making them most famous during the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In dominating fashion, Vinsanity owned the contest and crowned himself champion with gravity defying dunks that still leaves the #sneakerholics awed by his jams. With dunks such as a 360° windmill, the between the legs jam (ala Isaiah J.R. Rider’s “East Bay Funk Dunk”), and the “honey dip” (elbow in the rim) dunk, it was no surprise that this was one of the greatest Slam Dunk Contests the NBA has ever put on. Making himself a household name was no easy task, and his search for the next sneaker contract made the AND1 Tai Chi’s infamous. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 11 Black/ Red

Michael Jordan versus Sonics in Air Jordan XI Black/Red

Air Jordan 11 Retro uploaded by EvangaAir Jordan 11 Retro uploaded by Evanga

One of the most anticipated sneaker releases happens today. The return of the Air Jordan 11 Black/Red is now available worldwide for #sneakerholics of any age to enjoy. Following the trend of releasing the AJ11 just before Christmas, this latest release may be the most important colorway to Michael Jordan himself. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 4 Thunder and Lightning Pack

Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2006 uploaded by pascal
Air Jordan 4 Thunder 2006 uploaded by pascal

In 2006, Jordan Brand surprised everyone with the limited edition releases of two unforgettable limited edition Air Jordan 4 Retro colorways. The Thunder and Lightning Packs, as they were called, released exclusively online at Jumpman23.com in very small quantities.

Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: New Balance x Solebox 1500 “Nazar Eye”

New Balance x Solebox 1500 "Nazar Eye"“May the nazar eye protect your shoes against envy/evil eyes.”

Solebox and New Balance have had a great relationship and the “Nazar Eye” was yet another successful partnership between the two brands. This build of the New Balance 1500 was a more simple and basic take of the model compared to previous versions, but that didn’t make them any less popular. The simple build let the materials and details do the talking for the Nazar Eye New Balance 1500. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Force 1 “JD Gum Sole”

If you follow us on Twitter then you probably noticed that there are a handful of design elements that seem to always get us hyped about a shoe. One of those things is the timeless gum bottom. It seems that no matter what silhouette the gum outsole is added to, it always makes the design look better. Few sneakers are a better example of that theory than the iconic Nike Air Force 1.

Nike Air Force 1 JD Gum Sole uploaded by Navski72

Nike Air Force 1 JD Gum Sole uploaded by Navski72

Normally, an all white Nike Air Force 1 with a gum sole is a go to choice for #sneakerholics but when retailer JD Sports created this colorway in 2005, the gum outsole was ditched in favor of a gum midsole. If the stories are true, the gum midsole design was an accident that happened during sample stages of the design. Thankfully they decided to continue with the design in this way because even to this day it remains one of the most unique sneakers on the wiki.

Is this Air Force 1 a part of your collection?