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Sneaker Spotlight: Crooked Tongues x New Balance 1500 Pack

Crooked Tongues x New Balance 1500 Pack Details

In 2011 New Balance and premier retailer Crooked Tongues teamed up for a two versions of the classic 1500 that paid homage to their history together. Crooked Tongues has been no stranger to working on various New Balance models over the past decade including the 1500. But this pack focused on both the 1500 along with some 576’s from the past. These special pack took the brands, and us, way back to 2004 when their partnership first started.

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Sneaker Spotlight: 24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 “Gaudi”

24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 "Gaudi"

In a couple of weeks the seasons officially change and for many of us Spring is right around the corner. That means the drab and gray Winter kicks go away and we expect to see more colorful assortments out and about. It’s the time of year we expect to see kicks like these 24 Kilates designed New Balance 1700’s to be rocked. Named after and inspired by the artist Gaudi, 24 Kilates paid homage to one of their homeland’s famous people. The result was a sneaker that is highly sought after for its rarity and colorful looks. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Crooked Tongues x New Balance 991 “Black Tom”

Crooked Tongues x New Balance 991 "Black Tom"

Crooked Tongues and numerous sneaker brands have had a strong relationship for years. Some of their strongest bonds are with the folks at New Balance as they two brands have collaborated many times over the years. A variety of models have been chosen and reworked to Crooked Tongues specifications but the “Black Tom” 991 is one of the rarer models that was created. Released in late 2006 as part of the special “Confederation of Villainy” collection spotting these in the wild is like seeing the Lochness Monster. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish”

New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish”

Finding the New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish” is a seaborne venture that leaves many a collector left swimming 20,000 leagues under the sea in search of the Super Team 33 (ST33) runner. With the themed tropical fish pack that included two other pairs, the “Clown Fish” saw great attention amongst the three. The obvious draws and details to the scaled sea animal made popular from Pixar’s movie “Finding Nemo”, the clown fish was an easy choice by New Balance. Scales go along the sides and toe area, while a textured leather runs along the lateral. Color blocking of Orange, White, and Black make the runner stand out in a subtle manner. ST33 spared no expense when trying to bring the best of their abilities in creating and designing the sneaker.  The collection, limited to only 33 retailers, made the search for this runner extremely difficult. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Wood Wood x New Balance 670

Wood Wood x New Balance 670

Denmark’s Wood Wood is known for their premier fashion and footwear game. They might push out the same number of collaborations each year like some other shops but when they do the sneaker world pays attention. Such was the case a few years back when they joined up with New Balance to put their own spin on the 670. Continue reading