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Sneaker Spotlight: Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GT-II “Ultra Marine”

Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GT-II "Ultra Marine"

If when you think about the Ronnie Fieg x ASICS GT II “Ultra Marine” you also think about Bibiana Julian, we wouldn’t blame you. Back in 2011 when images of the shoe started to hit the web, Ronnie Feig took out the trusty camera, grabbed a sample size pair of the ASICS GT II “Ultra Marine”, and brought swimwear model, Bibiana Julian, to the beach to capture the moment. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Asics x We Sold Out! GT-II

Asics x We Sold Out! GT-II

Before Ronnie Fieg’s work with Asics started to take off and turned the sneaker world upside down, Paris super-store Colette linked with their former internet counterpart, We Sold Out! put together a rather stunning set of GT-II’s. Also thrown into the designing picture was design firm, and close friends, La MJC. This build of the Asics model feature a mix of suede, nylon and exotic leather, each placed and colored expertly. Though is happens rarely these days, the 2008 Asics x Sold out GT-II was sold with a scarf echoing the white, blue, black, and red  colors of the silhouette.  Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: SNS x Asics GT-II

SNS x Asics GT-II

Over the years premier Swedish retailer Sneakers N’ Stuff aka SNS has worked with a variety of brands. On the blog we have looked at collaborations with Reebok and Puma previously. Here we see a design they created with Asics, with whom they have a strong relationship, on the favorite GT-II. As with many sneakers the inspiration behind the design is very important and SNS has a great story behind this grey and red build. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Hanon x Asics GT-II

Hanon x Asics GT-II Northern LiitesTo commemorate 20 years of helping #sneakerholics with their sneaker fix, premier Scotland boutique Hanon teamed up with Asics for a special release. Deciding on the very popular GT-II model, the shop received inspiration for the design from their geographic location as well as portions from their former projects. Continue reading