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New Upload Process

As you may have noticed, we made a host of changes to Sneakerpedia this week and the biggest change of all would be the upload process – we have made the it better and easier to complete. The new process will now take place on just one page. No more navigating through pages before completing your uploads.

Please be aware that you can only create one model page at a time. Any additional images must be of the shoe you have told us about in the first stage, “Name it”. Next step, as before, is the “Shoot it” section, now without video. You will then be asked to proceed and “Upload it”. Once in the upload tool, the first step is adding your images. We have now added a cool drag and drop function; we recommend using the most up-to-date browser version in order to make full use of this, but you can still select images using the standard manual method if that’s not possible. Once you have added and uploaded your image, it will appear on the page under the “Crop and manage your pictures” header. The first picture will automatically be set as the default image, removing the chance to upload a “Missing” entry. Once you have completed managing and cropping your images, you are done! Clicking “Done” will take you to the “Tell us about it” page where you can proceed to complete the finer details of the sneaker you are uploading. Once that is complete you can publish your new entry – it will appear in your crate and on the wiki!

Getting to Know Your Sneakers

All of the sneaker enthusiasts around the world may share a passion for sneakers but that doesn’t mean that we all have the same taste. Some of us are fans of trainers and runners, while others prefer skate shoes or basketball shoes. Not to mention the different brands, from ASICS to New Balance, adidas to Nike, DC Shoes to Vans, we all have incredibly different backgrounds when it come to the sneakers we love.

Tell us what shoes you'd like to see featured on the blog.

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FAQ’s: Setting the Default Image

FAQ Setting your Default Image

The next installment of our FAQ section will teach you how to set your default image. Whether you upload 1 photo or 8 you want to be sure to have your hard work seen by all. To make sure that other #sneakerholics can easily see the fruits of your labor; you have to be sure to set your default image. This guarantees your sneaker doesn’t pop up with the ‘Missing’ tag on it. Here we show you an example of how to that process works.

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FAQ’s: Tell Your Story

Reebok Omni Pump Jameer Nelson

One thing that makes us all sneakerholics, is the way in which we get our hands on some of the sneakers in our collections. For most of us, every shoe has a story on how it became a part of our sneaker collection.

Sometimes it’s as simple as heading to the local spot and picking them up, but other times it’s a friend of a friend, or a newly made connection that helps us land some of our favorite kicks. On top of the story on how those kicks became a part of your collection, the reason why they are important to you specifically, is usually different than the reason the same shoes are important to the next sneaker enthusiast.

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FAQ: Adding Pictures to the Sneakerpedia

Air Jordan 5 (V) Grapes

When we first began the blog, we shared some ideas on how to make Sneakerpedia the best wiki possible. Now that we have more and more sneaker enthusiasts worldwide adding their favorites to the site, we’ve got another way for you to help take it to the next level. You can even show off your photography skills or your own way style in the process.

Converse Run N Slam Kevin Johnson

On each sneaker page, the first image you see is the standard image of shoe but our friends Elliot Curtis (@vitaminthick) and Josh Cole aka wideangle have helped make some of the wiki pages even better by adding additional photos. We can all agree that just a single photo doesn’t do any sneaker justice, especially with all the details that make them so special.

Even though a sneaker may already be uploaded to Sneakerpedia.com, we all have a unique style in how we display our kicks, photograph our kicks, and wear our kicks. So the next time you are clicking through the Sneakerpedia wiki and you think of cool photo you took of one of your favorite pair, add it to the wiki page for that shoe to show off your own personal style. You can upload extra pictures of your favorite detail of the shoes, the box or accessories it came with, or maybe you like to swap out the laces for a different color, all of these would be a great way to help make the wiki better. Remember, it’s up to the sneaker community to make Sneakerpedia great.

Reebok Ventilator