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Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange Miami, Orlando & Arizona

Summer weather has seen some serious heat in our weekly Sneaker Showcase series but nothing beats getting out and meeting sneaker enthusiasts in person. For the #sneakerholics in the United States, Dunkxchxnge has a trio of events to keep you busy this weekend.

Satudrday, July 21st Miami will be the place to be as fans of the Miami Heat and LeBron James will see Dunkxchange arrive at Off Tha Hookah from 1pm to 6pm local time.

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Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange Washington D.C. and Sneaker Con NYC

Dunkxchange Washington D.C.

Another summer weekend and another set of sneaker events to attend. This Saturday, June 30th Dunkxchange will be hitting the capital of the US of A, Washington D.C. Always a popular event, meet up with #sneakerholics to buy, sell and trade sneakers. Along with footwear there will be art, music, fashion and more thrown into the mix to ensure you stay busy the entire time.

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Sneaker Events: Dunkxchange, Solemart Paris, SoleCon and Cleveland Got Sole

Dunkxhange Ft Lauderdale

Now that summer is officially here we can expect a plethora of sneaker events to be held around the globe. Just like last week, you can find a sneaker gathering in a few different time zones this weekend. Florida will surely still be celebrating the Miami Heat’s second NBA championship victory and first with King James as part of the team, so, expect plenty of heat to be seen at the Ft. Lauderdale Dunkxchange. Always a popular event to buy, sell and trade sneakers, you know that the sunshine state will bring out some LeBron goodies for the event. Saturday, June 23rd will be the date of choice to enjoy this event. Continue reading

Sneaker Events: Sneakerness Zurich, Dunkxchange

Sneakerness Zurich

This weekend sneaker events are going to be happening all around the globe. The first show will be Sneakerness set to be held in Zurich, Switzerland. The first Sneakerness of 2012 will be an event where the premise is to be able to buy, sell and trade with other #sneakerholics. But that is not all as there will be plenty of other features at the event. First off Sneakerpedia will be there with our own living room setup to check out. Along with us there will be exhibitions by others like Mini, SUPER and more along with contests like the lace race. Along with the afterparty be sure to not miss the event.

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Sneaker Events: Sneaker Con Chicago and DunkXChange Miami and New York

Sneaker Con Chicago

Warmer temperatures means getting out of hibernation mode and going out. Warmer weather also means less hazardous conditions for sneaker to get ruined and more sneaker events. This weekend there is a number of events going on for #sneakerholics in a variety of cities. First off is Sneaker Con being held in the Windy City, Chicago. Although the Bulls are no longer in the Playoffs, their resurgence with Derrick Rose and the long history of Michael Jordan has always ensured Chicago is a area full of sneaker enthusiasts. Buy, sell and trade at the event as it makes it’s first trip to Chicago. Continue reading