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Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “St. Patrick’s Day”

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "St. Patrick's Day"

St. Patrick’s Day may have come and gone, but plenty of people are still feeling the after effects of celebrating the day, Irish or not. Nike SB knows a thing or two about the day as they have created kicks that work well during that day in March. That includes the “Wallenbergs” which all-green look isn’t even inspired by the day. But as we reflect back we are reminded of the original “St. Patricks’ Day” Dunk Low from Nike SB released in ’05. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low “Sandalwood”

Nike SB Dunk Low “Sandalwood”

We take a look back at a version of the Nike SB Dunk Low that is perfect to battle the elements of Winter. Here we see the “Sandalwood” build nicknamed for one of the colors used, a trend many SB’s followed back then. During the release of these Dunks they not sought after for their rugged, dirty looks, but many found them to be the perfect pair to be skated in. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Skate or Die”

NES - Skate or Die

If you were a kid in the 80’s then you probably spent some a lot of time on the original 8-bit Nintendo system. With games like Super Mario Bros, Madden Football and more, skateboarding got the attention thanks to the game Skate or Die. Areated by Electronic Arts, before it was called EA Sports, Konami and Ultra ported it for the Nintendo allowing kids to shred on the streets, half-pipe and swimming pools in the game of course. A lot safer then in real life no doubt some folks at Nike SB played the game as in 2008 a special Dunk Low released inspired by the game.

Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “J-Pack”

AJ1 Dunk Low "J-Pack" from Kicks Krazy

Air Jordan 1’s and skateboarding probably isn’t the combination most people think of. But if you know the history of the AJ1 then you also know the sneaker was used by skateboarders when they released thanks to their (hard to believe) cheap price and unique looks. Paying homage to this partnership Nike SB created the Dunk Low “J-Pack”, inspired by the classic Royal colorway. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low “Purple Pigeon”

Nike SB Dunk Low “Purple Pigeon”

Color palettes and placements become representative of how #sneakerholics are able to identify certain kicks from one another. When Nike SB decided to create the Dunk Low “Purple Pigeon” pair, it was no surprise the inspiration it drew from another famous sneaker from their historical vault. With official colors of Light Graphite and Prism Violet, the base colors of grey and purple make up for a simple sneaker with lots of character. Originally released in of 2006, the sneaker saw popularity with skaters and collectors alike, bringing a familiar classic back with new colors added. Drawing its inspiration from the Nike SB Dunk Low “Pigeon” released a year before; this particular purple pair was perfectly placed to be released as the next follow-up in simple colors with simple designs and materials. Continue reading