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Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk High “RESN”

Nike SB Dunk High "RESN"

We hope everyone had a very good holiday season. Although Christmas has come and gone we can’t help but to still be in the spirit of green and red. So today we look back at the “RESN” Dunk High from Nike SB. The back story is that few years back these were designed by Girl skateboarder Sam Smyth the same day that the Diamond Dunk Low’s were created. They weren’t officially made possibly due to their “Gucci” look, but supposedly about 25 pairs made it out to select SB friends and family. But it looked like someone at Nike SB wanted to get their hands on a pair so luckily the “RESN” Dunk were produced and came out. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: Paul Urich x Nike SB Dunk High Pro

Paul Urich x Nike SB Dunk High Pro

Professional skateboarder Paul Urich is one of the lucky individuals who have had a chance to design their own Dunk High Pro with Nike SB. Today in most circles his wife, Mybuster Kari Byron, may be more popular then Urich himself but his list of accolades includes being a pro skateboarder since to early 90’s to transitioning to become a well known as an artist in the present day. This artist side came out in his rendition of the classic skate model.

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Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Dunk High Pro SB “Brian Anderson”

Brian Anderson photo courtesy of Skateboarder Magazine.

One of the most respected skateboarders in the world is Brian Anderson. Ever since bursting onto the scene in the late Nineties by turning pro one year and winning Thrasher Magazine’s Skateboarder of the Year the next, Anderson has become a mainstay, both in the skate world and in the minds of sneaker enthusiasts. One of the most memorable sneakers to come from his longstanding partnership with Nike SB is this high-top camo clad version.

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Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Dunk High Pro SB “De La Soul”

De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising Album Cover

De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising Album Cover

The months of October and November of 2005 were a very exciting time for the Dunk High Pro SB as we saw the return of the “Be True To Your School” pack. With seven schools being represented, Nike SB made it expensive for many by releasing another Dunk High not part of the BTTYS group, the De La Soul version seen here.

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