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Sneaker Spotlight: Asics x We Sold Out! GT-II

Asics x We Sold Out! GT-II

Before Ronnie Fieg’s work with Asics started to take off and turned the sneaker world upside down, Paris super-store Colette linked with their former internet counterpart, We Sold Out! put together a rather stunning set of GT-II’s. Also thrown into the designing picture was design firm, and close friends, La MJC. This build of the Asics model feature a mix of suede, nylon and exotic leather, each placed and colored expertly. Though is happens rarely these days, the 2008 Asics x Sold out GT-II was sold with a scarf echoing the white, blue, black, and red  colors of the silhouette.  Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: La MJC x Colette x New Balance 1500 “6th Anniversary”

La MJC x Colette x New Balance 1500 "6th Anniversary"

The New Balance New Balance 1500 is often the model of choice to work on when collaborator’s are allowed to take their pick of the brand’s catalog. This was always apparent as we have seen the team’s at La MJC and Colette work on the 1500 multiple times. Of the many builds that the team’s have created the special “6th Anniversary” edition may be the most notable. Created to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Parisian communication agency La MJC, their friends and partners at Colette aided in designing this unique look. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: New Balance x La MJC x colette “Vivre Sans Temps Mort” 1500

New Balance x La MJC x colette “Vivre Sans Temps Mort” 1500

The New Balance 1500 is a favorite model for fans of the brand. The sneaker model is the favorite choice of many allowed to work with NB on the collaborative side as well. So popular, in fact, that two brands worked together on one edition of the sneaker. Famous Parisian boutique, colette, and creative firm La MJC put their collective minds together for their special model dubbed  “Vivre Sans Temps Mort,” meaning Life Without Dead Time in French, made famous by protesters during the May 1968 France protests. Continue reading

Sneaker Spotlight: colette x Gap x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

colette x Gap x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The pop-up shop is a way for brands to collaborate and create unique products sometimes out of their comfort zone. In 2008, Parisian shop colette traveled across the ocean to team up with Gap for a special pop-up that would last for only one month in New York City. One of the special items made exclusively for the store is this Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star that was produced under the (RED) campaign. Continue reading