Four Years of Nike Flyknit

Four year is not a long time when we think about iconic sneakers, a lot of our favourite most cherished silhouettes have been around for 15, 20, 25 years and more. Flyknit made such a huge impact when it debuted and it’s such a huge part of Nikes frontline product you’d be forgiven for thinking it has been around a lot longer than just 4 years. To visualise it’s short but pioneering history so far Nike have produced this awesome infographic, enjoy!

“Four years after Nike Flyknit was publicly unveiled, the groundbreaking technology continues to redefine performance-engineered footwear. Flyknit unlocks new possibilities for Nike designers to micro-engineer every stitch of an upper, scientifically tuned to meet the exact specifications of athletes. Flyknit also breaks the mould of sustainable performance, not only shaving ounces off each shoe upper, but saving millions of pounds of waste from ever reaching landfills.”


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