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Sneakerpedia #SPTOP3 Showcase

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We were so blown away with the entries for our #SPTOP3 competition that we decided to put together this special showcase as a thank you to all that took part. As you can see there is some pure fire in these Top 3’s and we salute you sneakerholics. This is going to be a format we will revisit in the future so get your thinking caps on and prepare for next time. We just want to sign off by saying if you could get some of these sneakers added to we would dearly love to see them on the wiki. SP

Sneakerpedia Sneaker Showcase

 One for the sweet tooth to start this weeks Showcase with  rocking the Shanghai “Must Win Cake” from the recent Womens City “Dessert” pack. We thought the whole pack was very strong and like most desserts it’s hard to pick just one. It would be nice to see the pack added to the wiki in the coming weeks so if you copped any of the shoes from this pack be sure to upload them to the site sneakerholics.  

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