Interview: Francky.B of Sneakerness Paris


With the news of a second PUMA collaboration for Sneakerness Paris we wanted to find out a little more so we decided to speak to the commander and chief of SN Paris, businessman, entrepreneur, influencer, Francky.B! He was kind enough to give us some time for an interview and answer a few questions regarding the Puma collaboration and the upcoming Sneakerness Paris event.   


SP: Why Puma? Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with the brand and what makes them the perfect partner for you and Sneakerness Paris?

FB: Puma is one of the brands I have been pretty close with for the last 3 years, ever since I built up the COA Disc Blaze project in Paris for Ronnie Fieg. From that point Yassine S. who is in charge of all the special projects globally became like a “big brother” and he trusts me with all my projects. Thanks to him and his trust I was able to work on a second collaboration for SNEAKERNESS PARIS 2015.

SP: How did you arrive at the Blaze of Glory as the silhouette to work on for this collaboration?

FB: For me the BOG is one of the best “street style“ silhouettes Puma have in their range . I particularly love the fact due to it’s construction you have several different panels to work on with this shoe. It’ s also a shoe that you see worn a lot by both men and women. That broad appeal is important. 

SP: Is it a shoe you are a fan of already, is it a shoe you wear personally?

FB: I am YES! I own several pairs including SNEAKER FREAKER collab and more recently released NYK/NYY pack.

SP: What is the inspiration and influences behind this execution. Can you take us through the story behind it?

FB: Well to make it short, inspiration behind the colourway for this shoe has been the colours of the Parisian metro lines. I take the metro every day to get to the venue (CENTQUATRE PARIS) when I am preparing for Sneakerness Paris. This is also why the map of the PARIS metro is printed on the insoles!

I would also say that the choice of pink, blue and burgundy was born from one of my favourite sneakers ever the Air Max 1 Amsterdam. Those colour choices remind me of that a little bit. 


SP: How long has the process taken, when did you start working on this project?

FB: Things went pretty fast. We decided to work on this shoe while I was in Tokyo in march during the SAKURA pop up project, so around 6 months all in all. 

SP: Are there any extras with this shoe, special box, spare laces etc?

FB: Yes, some laces from Ropes Laces and I also worked on a pair of socks in collaboration with BURLINGTON matching the colourway of the sneakers . They will not come in the box but SNEAKERNESS visitors will be able to buy them separately during the event .

SP:What makes Ropes Laces the ideal brand to work with for laces, why did you choose them?

FB: Friendship first! I really appreciate Charlotte and Alex as people and we thought it would be cool to offer a nice packaging with ropes and flat laces according to tie in with the Sneakerness Paris Blaze of Glory. Ropes Laces do the best work with laces out there so it was really no choice at all.  

SP: Will they be available outside of SN Paris, what is the production run?

FB: Nope, they are totally exclusive to SNEAKERNESS PARISThis is a very limited release of just 100 pairs.

SP: This is the second SN Paris shoe, why do you think Sneakerness remains the only sneaker event to successfully deliver shoe collaborations so far?

FB: Guess? Well, I assume that my connection with certain people and brands remain an asset and has allowed me to have the great opportunity to work on sneaker collaborations. I also have a pair of FILLING PIECES that we made exclusive to this 2015 event. Be patient and look for the product very soon!

SP: You have worked on the XT2 and now the Blaze of Glory, what Puma shoe would you next like to work on next?

FB: I wouldn’t mind working on a Disc or maybe on a pair of Clydes which for me is a true icon of sneaker culture!

SP: What can we expect from SN Paris 2015?

FB: Good times and a place where we are all gonna be able to unite and share our love for SNEAKERS and sneaker culture. We are also gonna have a nice collaborative watch made with SWATCH (PRESENTING PARTNER), a CREP PROTECT x SNEAKERNESS special can and some other fun surprises !

SP: Any surprises, things happening that we don’t know about yet?

FB: If I tell you , it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, but we’re expecting some cool guests to show up, so don’t miss it! 

SP: What does the future hold for this event and future collaborations with you/SN Paris?

FB: Only time will tell us. Next year will be the third anniversary for Sneakerness Paris, so I’ll try my best to celebrate it the best way possible. 

Hope to see y’a all in Paris on September 5 and 6.
Thanks for the opportunity!

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