Masters of Max: The Air Max Icons – Air Max 95


The Air Max 95 is Sundays Master of Max. Once again Nike pushed the boundaries of conventional design and aesthetics with the 95, the gradient grey and volt “pop” creating “Neon” colourway that is today, every bit as recognisable as the infrared. Once again this famous colourway has been applied and adapted to many other models perfectly. And that pop colour “Volt” now every bit an icon as the shoe itself.


The Nike Air Max 95 was not just a shoe, it was an outcast.

Debuting in 1995, the bold silhouette was the first to feature visible Nike Air in the forefoot. This completely new approach to cushioning brought runners superior comfort and support with dual air units. The Air Max 95 was the first Air Max model to feature a black midsole, a trait that drastically departed from traditional running shoe designs.

This explosion of Air was the defining characteristic of a silhouette inspired by the human body. The midsole was based on the spine, serving as the backbone of the design. Nylon eyelets represented ribs, while the upperʼs layered panels and mesh symbolized muscle fibers and flesh. The graduated approach to the upper, starting with a darker base, was meant to help the shoe remain clean even when used for off-road runs. Other key details included barely-there branding and a new Air Max typeface. And as with the Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Air Max 90, a statement color highlighted the Nike Air-Sole — this time from within.

The Air Max 95 opened the front window in design and sparked a global movement. From New York to London to Tokyo, a generation wanted to wear the future on its feet. Multiple iterations later, itʼs still turning heads.


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