Masters of Max: The Air Max Icons – Air Max 93



The Air Max 93 is the the Max master to find the spotlight today. The 93 was arguably the most radical change that Air Max had seen up to this point. Moving away from a traditional shoe to adopt an inner sock and ramping that all important Air up from 180 to a huge 270 degree bubble!!!


For the Nike Air Max 93, visibility was the driving force. How do you shock an audience that has already been surprised time and time again? The heel unit had always been the focal point, so why not take it to its limit? Hatfieldʼs latest creation was built on the Air Max 90ʼs flex grooves and used a dynamic-fit neoprene inner sleeve to give the foot and ankle added support.

Then there was the not-so-small matter of the 270-degrees of visible air. The precision- engineered blow-moulded Air-Sole unit — inspired by plastic milk jugs — created completely new standards of cushioning and became the cornerstone for visible air in the forefoot.









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