Masters of Max: The Air Max Icons – Air Max 90


The second Air Max icon to feature is the instantly recognisable Air Max 90, seen here in it’s original Infrared livery. Infrared is arguably Nike’s most iconic colourway ever! This colour blocking has been used across every category of footwear and hundreds of different models turning out some spectacular results, and we are certain it isn’t done yet with plenty of life left in infrared yet.


The Nike Air Max 90 has presence. Even when standing still, the shoe looks like a masterpiece in motion.

Arriving in 1990, the fourth if first was in ʼ87? instalment in the Air Max family featured a larger volume of Nike Air than its predecessors. However, its fluid aesthetic was the defining feature. Hatfield knew the silhouette would hit the ground running, so the design evoked forward motion. The Air Max 90 also included ribbed plastic panels and multiple lacing options to create the perfect fit. Colour was another key ingredient. The shoeʼs radiant shade of red, which later became known as “infrared,” highlighted the visible air. The hard-to-miss shade remains as synonymous with the Air Max 90 as its shape.

Popular from the start, the striking Air Max 90 symbolised a new decade. Nike designers remixed the silhouette in the years that followed, but it stays forever coveted and essential.


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