Video: A Chat with No Curves

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to sit down with artist No Curves from Italy to talk about his work and his passion for sneakers. Known for his unique and geometric style, characterised by the total absence of curves and roundness, he realises his artworks exclusively with adhesive tape. Working on every type of surface, going from street walls and advertising posters to art galleries and disused factories, NO CURVES traces his path with scissors, strokes and adhesive tapes. It’s a path that in the last years lead to prestigious collaborations with international brands, agencies and galleries including adidas, Smart, Converse & Foot Locker, Rolling Stone Magazine, Tesa and many more. As well as the video we also shot a sample of his collection and added it to the wiki. You can check out No Curves Sneakerpedia profile here.





If you want to find out more about No Curves and his work you can check out his website and social media channels. We have put the links below for you.







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