Sneaker Showcase: AIRTRAINERPEDIA x Ugly Mely


A couple of weeks ago, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of her blog long time Sneakerpedia friend and Supporter Ugly Mely got together with a few friends KID EMC , PeteRock , DjKyng and Damz and came up with AIRTRAINERPEDIA, a display of over 60 models and variations of Nike’s iconic Air Trainer.


Over 400 people got to enjoy the event at MW Shift in Paris, taking in all the amazing examples on display from the 1987 original, samples, limited editions, other vintage originals, and recent retro editions.

$Nike Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll 1990

Luckily for you Sneakerholics, Ugly Mely gave us exclusive access to the display to shoot AIRTRAINERPEDIA and immortalise it by uploading the pictures on the wiki for you to enjoy. So take a few minutes to absorb the amazing collection in all its glory here AIRTRAINERPEDIA

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