Sneaker Spotlight: Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth”

Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth”

Learning the inspiration behind a sneaker’s design and look is always an interesting thing and can help air or deter you from tracking down a pair for yourself. One of the funniest and imaginative story behind a sneaker was when the folks at Bodega got their chance to work on the Reebok ATX Pump. You see for this collaboration the shop their intern, Terry Blay, was the mind and inspiration behind the design. The funny thing about Terry is that, well, he was an intern and most importantly is that he’s a puppet.

Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth” uploaded by kapology

Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth” uploaded by kapology

Hailing from the American musical Avenue Q, Terry apparently loved Bodega and sneakers so much he hung around the shop until they let him intern there. The design of the sneaker takes a bit after Terry. Beige bodied, the neutral look was broken up by the addition of red on the liner and a grey pump. The natural look continued down to the bottom of the sneakers where a black midsole was paired up with gum bottoms. The Bodega name was stitched in bold letters on the heel of both shoes. Terry nicnkamed the project “Cottonmouth,” supposedly referring to his parched state at times. Going along with the sneakers and coinciding with the name were essentials including a mug, mints, lip balm and cheap cologne. Also Terry Blay Colorform dress-up sticker pack were added as well.

Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth” Heel

Not to often does an intern, especially a puppet one, get to design a sneaker but Terry did and he honestly did well. Good job Bodega.

Bodega x Reebok ATX Pump “Cottonmouth” Sticker Pack

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