Sneaker Spotlight: Opium x Nike Air 180

Opium x Nike Air 180

If we asked the best colorways of the Nike Air 180, the “Opiums” would probably be the one of the top choices mentioned. Not a top-tier Air Max like say the Air Max 90 or Air Max 1, the Air 180 does have its own cult following. Nike has even gone as far as giving us the refreshed styling with Lunar tooling. But if they allowed more shops to do work on the model like Opium did we could see it becoming popular rather quickly.

Opium x Nike Air 180 uploaded by some.old.fart

Opium x Nike Air 180 uploaded by some.old.fart

Opium has been feeding the need of Parisian sneakerholics since the turn of the century. With long time relationships with Nike and plenty of the brand’s historic models shown throughout the location it’s no surprise that the two have teamed up numerous times over the years. But the most popular Opium design is by far these Air 180’s. The design on these are unlike any done to the model and most runners. The body is made up of a combination of soft, premium black leather along with neoprene. Perforations used on the toe and ankle for air circulation. Special desert camo wrapped around the heel as well as the neoprene liner and tongue where neon branding was added. Finishing off the coloring was Comet Red on the all-important Swoosh along with the heel logo and air unit surround.

Opium x Nike Air 180 Details

Finishing off the sneaker’s design were special insoles that said “Paris” in all-over print and neon laces to match the tongue. A limited release, there is rumored to be just about 220 pairs around with most staying in Europe. The combination of colors and camo isn’t your typical formula for success but these Air 180’s just worked ever after nearly 10 years.

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