Sneaker Spotlight: 24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 “Gaudi”

24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 "Gaudi"

In a couple of weeks the seasons officially change and for many of us Spring is right around the corner. That means the drab and gray Winter kicks go away and we expect to see more colorful assortments out and about. It’s the time of year we expect to see kicks like these 24 Kilates designed New Balance 1700’s to be rocked. Named after and inspired by the artist Gaudi, 24 Kilates paid homage to one of their homeland’s famous people. The result was a sneaker that is highly sought after for its rarity and colorful looks.

24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 "Gaudi" uploaded by Nacho Puig

24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 “Gaudi” uploaded by Nacho Puig

Technically a triple collaboration as New Era was part of the project as well, the team at 24 Kilates put great focus on the attention to detail on this project. As mentioned Antoni Gaudi was the inspiration behind the project. A part of the “Modernism” movement he was a skilled craftsman in various areas like ceramics, iron working and stained glass. The latter becoming one of his signature styles and the focus on the sneakers. His use of colorful glass tile mosaics are transformed onto 1700, contrasting strongly against the deep black base made from premium leather and suede. The colorful panels are matched up with multi-colored laces and a specially stitched tongue. All while sitting on a clean white sole.

24 Kilates x New Balance 1700 "Gaudi" Details

The rare Modernism pack was completed with a matching New Era 5950 fitted cap to go along with the 1700’s, following the same theme. Released six years ago the collection was limited to 144 units with no online sales. So unless you were in Barcelona or had some friends there these were a hard pair to track down. What do you think about these special 1700s?

24 Kilates x New Era "Gaudi" 5950

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