Sneaker Spotlight: Etnies SAL 23 x In4mation

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23

Launched in 1986, Etnies has been a long-standing brand in skatewear, sponsoring some of the best professional skateboarders with easy to look at and durable kicks. The collaboration Etnies SAL 23 x In4mation sneaker is a triumph to both simple designs and colors. Designed by the skater Salvador Lucas Barbier, the Etnies SAL 23 features timeless designs and aesthetics both pleasing to the eyes and feet. The SAL 23 was a staple in the mid’90s to both skaters and kids looking for a tough, outdoor sneaker to shred asphalt. The release of these sneakers in 2008 saw In4mation harking back to those days where an easily palatable footwear reigned supreme in the rugged, blacktop of the world’s urban playgrounds.

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23 uploaded by JK

In4mation x Etnies SAL 23 uploaded by JK

Releasing in a pack featuring both a red suede and black leather, the sneakers stood out with the easily managed colors. Specifically, the black leather colorway saw a mainly solid colored upper with red ankle lining. The outsole in white matches the iconic “23” stitched on the heel. The In4mation logo on the tongue tag with black and red striped laces brings these kicks together. Though the sneakers themselves may be lost in the archives in awesome collaborations between boutiques and skate brands, the Etnies SAL 23 x In4mation should not be forgotten. The skateability, toughness, and simplicity of the colors are representative in both the brand and style of the time. Obvious draws to other associated athletes wearing “23” in black and red not be forgotten, this is a definite find for any #sneakerholic looking to think outside the big named brands.

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