Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Skate or Die”

NES - Skate or Die

If you were a kid in the 80’s then you probably spent some a lot of time on the original 8-bit Nintendo system. With games like Super Mario Bros, Madden Football and more, skateboarding got the attention thanks to the game Skate or Die. Areated by Electronic Arts, before it was called EA Sports, Konami and Ultra ported it for the Nintendo allowing kids to shred on the streets, half-pipe and swimming pools in the game of course. A lot safer then in real life no doubt some folks at Nike SB played the game as in 2008 a special Dunk Low released inspired by the game.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Skate or Die" uploaded by Reid_D

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro “Skate or Die” uploaded by Reid_D

Released 20 years after the game was available, the sneaker’s design is obviously heavily influenced by the game’s artwork. Pure 80’s as evident by bright colors like neon yellow, turquoise and orange. The creation of the design is a mix and match of all the various colors including nice additions like contrast stitching, double layered Swoosh and the same graphics added randomly. The sneaker’s materials consisted of suede with black leather utilized on the toe, side and heel panels.

Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Heel

A true homage to the 80’s Nike SB’s execution on these were second to none. If you loved the game then these Dunk Low “Skate or Dies” are a smart piece to have in your possession.

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