Sneaker Spotlight: adidas ZX 500 “Turkey”

adidas ZX 500 "Turkey"

Sneaker manufacturing and building is becoming more and more automated as time passes. But brands have always had special projects that use higher craftsmanship and materials to showcase what they are capable of doing. In the mid-2000’s adidas wanted to showcase a variety of materials from specific locations around the globe. Named the “Materials of the World” project they sourced the product from the likes of Vietnam, Mexico and even Turkey as seen here. This special project released both men’s and women’s pairs for each location along with matching apparel.

adidas ZX 500 "Turkey" uploaded by Kasper

adidas ZX 500 “Turkey” uploaded by Kasper

Turkey, along with much of the Middle East, weaving and textiles have been a long tradition. So the choice to acknowledge this part of the world was not a difficult one. Weavers and their techniques have been handed down through generations. Sued for trade in the bazaars, the old techniques and process have not been changed over time.

adidas ZX 500 "Turkey" Details

That detail and craftsmanship is featured in this version of the classic ZX 500. The upper consisted of a dark brown laser-designed leather upper. The lasered design coming direct from Turkish patterns. Set against the leather is sewn in colorful patterns sourced from a bazaar. Red and brown detailing are used throughout the sneaker, from the laces, liner and soles. Only 500 units were created of these special sneakers, each with their own individual details.

adidas ZX 500 "Turkey" CD

The adidas’ Materials Of The World line offered consumers hand-woven, hand-dyed or hand-stitched fabrics, to herald a return to more traditional values, including the various cultures from each country. We are lucky to have the men’s Turkey version but are missing the women’s. We would love to see those and the other’s on the wikipedia, so please upload them if you can.

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