Sneaker Spotlight: New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish”

New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish”

Finding the New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish” is a seaborne venture that leaves many a collector left swimming 20,000 leagues under the sea in search of the Super Team 33 (ST33) runner. With the themed tropical fish pack that included two other pairs, the “Clown Fish” saw great attention amongst the three. The obvious draws and details to the scaled sea animal made popular from Pixar’s movie “Finding Nemo”, the clown fish was an easy choice by New Balance. Scales go along the sides and toe area, while a textured leather runs along the lateral. Color blocking of Orange, White, and Black make the runner stand out in a subtle manner. ST33 spared no expense when trying to bring the best of their abilities in creating and designing the sneaker.  The collection, limited to only 33 retailers, made the search for this runner extremely difficult.

New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish” uploaded by WPT

New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish” uploaded by WPT

Originally released in January of 2007, the premium materials and textures chosen by the team of designers aptly bring the proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship at New Balance. ST33 is known as the best of the best when it comes to what New Balance has to offer. Made, crafted, and designed in the USA, ST33 spares no expense in bringing the details and combination of art work and sneakers together. Use of a clear, “fish tank” sneaker box only makes sense housing the runners. The 1400 model is no surprise when choosing a classic silhouette with solid technology and a memorable silhouette. With the ST33 signature on the back of sneaker, this runner is a solid choice for any collector’s ocean of kicks. We are thankful to have a pair uploaded onto the wiki.

New Balance 1400 “Clown Fish” Heel

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