Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk High “RESN”

Nike SB Dunk High "RESN"

We hope everyone had a very good holiday season. Although Christmas has come and gone we can’t help but to still be in the spirit of green and red. So today we look back at the “RESN” Dunk High from Nike SB. The back story is that few years back these were designed by Girl skateboarder Sam Smyth the same day that the Diamond Dunk Low’s were created. They weren’t officially made possibly due to their “Gucci” look, but supposedly about 25 pairs made it out to select SB friends and family. But it looked like someone at Nike SB wanted to get their hands on a pair so luckily the “RESN” Dunk were produced and came out.

Nike SB Dunk High "RESN" uploaded by Prop Lo

Nike SB Dunk High “RESN” uploaded by Prop Lo

Interesting enough just a few months prior in 2009 DJ Clark Kent’s Dunk High design used a similar formula. But this SB version utilized different materials and additional cushioning thanks to the Zoom Air insoles. The body of the sneaker was built with a Deep Forest leather body with black denim filling in many of the other panels. A Paprika red Swoosh matches the soles as well as the skate laces, the sneaker came with optional black as well. Finishing off the look the tongue tag had “RESN” added in gold, which was Smyth’s tagger name back in the day.

Nike SB Dunk High "RESN" Tongue

Very close to the original design, this quickstrike model had many things going for it, but the back story added a cherry to the pie. Still a rare sight, we did see a number of these worn throughout the month of December. Where do these quickstrike Dunk High’s rank amongst your favorite Nike SB releases?

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