Crate of the Month: Winner “Runners” – PhGm


Congratulations – PhGm


For November we asked you to give us your best Runners and with so many runners on the wiki we knew you wouldn’t fail us Sneakerholics and you didn’t. I know we say this every month but this months entries really were the highest quality we have seen in the competition so far. The unenviable, or enviable depending on how you look at it, task of judging fell at the feet of Kish Kash. In the end after a lot of careful thought and consideration he decided that PhGm was the winner. PhGm picks up the top prize of the new Nike Air Max 2014 and a $300 Foot Locker gift card, and of course a much coveted winners badge for his profile page.

The full result  along with Kish Kash’s comments are as follows.


“An impressive crate highlighting a range of brands and with some great examples of lesser known vintage models, some of which I never seen before. I never thought anything by Hi-Tec would worthy of acclaim but those Clints and the Neon Shadows are incredible. PhGm definitely has a true connoisseur’s eye.”


“Tomo92’s crate has a great variety of kicks of a high calibre as it features some of the finest collaborations of recent years. Seeing all these models together demonstrates how the bar has been raised in recent years regarding design execution.”


“Another crate with a plethora of brands and I love the fact that there are models in here which other collectors might not consider to purchase. The New Balance M1010’s are very interesting and particularly worthy of praise.”

Congratulations to all of November’s winners, we will be in touch very soon for your details. Check out the winning entry from PhGm below


Thanks to all Sneakerholics that entered November’s competition and please stay tuned for the details of the next competition which we will be announcing very soon.

One response to “Crate of the Month: Winner “Runners” – PhGm

  1. this is bull why all winners have nothing but damn asics and newbalance running shoes?set up bull shit

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