Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Dunk Low CL “Blue Denim”

Nike Dunk Low CL "Blue Denim"

Denim and sneakers are a combination that just works. Not separately though, but together. That is proven as the Nike SB Dunk Low “Reese Forbes” is one of those very rare sneakers many wish to get their hands on. Sadly though more times than not, a pair of sneakers is very hard to track down. Whether due to availability or price or a number of reasons. Luckily for fans of the look of denim and the Dunk Low Nike hooked it up in the mid-2000’s with a more general blue denim release.

Nike Dunk Low CL "Blue Denim" uploaded by airon0828

Nike Dunk Low CL “Blue Denim” uploaded by airon0828

The blue version seen here was also released with a green version (currently missing from the wiki), with the latter not being as popular but probably harder to track down now. The look of both sneakers follow a similar formula, that follow the Reese Forbes version with of course some changes. Most of the major changes were due to this being a non-skate version of the Dunk though. So no stuffed tongue or Zoom Air insoles here. The upper is made up of frayed denim with yellow stitching added, most prominent on the heel tag. The classic white Dunk midsole was used, with the sole being done up in matching blue. The only other bit of white you see from the factory came on the normal flat tongue.

Nike Dunk Low CL "Blue Denim" Heel

Over time the denim frayed and gained character the more it was worn. Many times they were modified with white laces (as seen) and a stuffed tongue to get closer to the look of the Forbes SB. Nike has used denim on the Dunk in both high and low versions as it seems like a winning formula if you ask us.

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