Sneaker Spotlight: Limited Edt. Vault x New Balance 577

Limited Edt. Vault x New Balance 577

For any sneakerholic who enjoys to travel and search out for the best boutiques around the globe if you happen to land in Singapore then there is no doubt that Limited Edt. is a stop you have to make. The brand has been a premier shop selling the hottest brands and receiving some of the most sought after release. In 2010 the Limited Edt. Vault shop got their chance to create something with New Balance that drew attention in every continent. They put their ideas and work onto the 577. The second time the brands connected, it was also the second time the 577 was chosen as the base.

Limited Edt. Vault x New Balance 577 uploaded by haziqbani

Limited Edt. Vault x New Balance 577 uploaded by haziqbani

With a name like Limited Edt. you know that only the best materials and craftsmanship would be allowed onto the sneaker. So the small run was created in the famed Flimby factory in the UK. The body a combination of full grain crocodile-embossed leather along with premium cracked chrome leather. Standing out from the body were silver accents added strategically throughout. But the addition of turquoise popped off the sneaker. Primarily used on the liner and outsole, the shade also accented the branding points. A reflective tongue was thrown into the mix for good measure, as if they needed more to make this a standout build.

Initially the 577 release consisted of 180 numbered pairs that were packaged in a special blue velvet jewel box, each numbered with a money bag, LE lace locks and a VIP access card to the Vault shop. Luckily a small run of sneakers made it out to select New Balance accounts elsewhere, just without all the extra goodies the initial 180 came with. Regardless if you have a pair that puts you into very small company, although we do love that velvet box.

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