Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Zoom Tre “Loon”

Nike SB Zoom Tre "Loon"

If you were into sneakers back in the mid-2000’s, specifically Nike SB releases, then you may remember rumors and pictures of the “Loon” Dunk Low. With less than 30 pairs thought to be in existence the sneaker world waited to hear about a release, general or quickstrike of the model. But for whatever reason they were put onto the backburner. But Nike SB hooked it up when they finally released the “Loon” look, but using the Zoom Tre as the base.

Nike SB Zoom Tre "Loon" uploaded by ciuffoNike SB Zoom Tre “Loon” uploaded by ciuffo

 Originally created by Nike Midwest representative Rob Sissi, the look and inspiration came from his home state of Minnesota where the loon is the state bird. That is where the special different feather pattern comes from and as well as the green accents. The look of the Tre follows a basic overall look at the Dunk but not exactly. The biggest change is that the Tre is dominated more with black rather than split with the white and grey bits, as well as losing the teal accents for some red, representing the eyes of the duck. But the important details of the features are featured prominently, making this Zoom Tre stand out from the norm.

Minnesota Loon

Eventually Nike SB hooked it up with the Dunk Low version in 2010. But until that time we only had the Zoom Tre to hold us over. Which version do you feel executed the “Loon” look best?

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