Sneaker Spotlight: Vans Era x Carhartt Collection

Carhartt x Vans Era Collection

Vans and Carhartt are two classic companies that share the theme of ruggedness when describing their brands. Vans had been established as the premiere skater footwear brand, a choice skaters make when seeking comfort with performances. Skaters are always seeking the toughest sneakers to test out some of their newest tricks. It only made sense for these two companies to come together. The Vans Era x Carhartt sneaker collection brings to life a classic silhouette with a strong exterior that easily complements the two. Released in August 2010 in a pack of three, the model takes a more subtle tone with earthly flavors and black touches. The suede upper with ripstop is a near unbreakable combination and stands the test of time in durability, style, and function.

Carhartt x Vans Era Collection uploaded by JK

Carhartt x Vans Era Collection uploaded by JK

The Vans Era has been a timeless sneaker model as part of the Classics collection, originally releasing in 1975. A silhouette that has been synonymous with both Vans the company and a generation of skateboarders that rode hard and shredded fierce on the black tops. The introduction of ripstop to the classic leather upper makes the ride last longer with durable materials that can take the beating. Its strength to weight ratio and tear-resistant material makes ripstop the perfect choice for skaters looking to extend the life of their footwear. For #sneakerholics this is just another great collaboration between two brands that have been around for decades. As of right now we are missing the two other colorways that were part of the pack and would love to see them uploaded onto the wikipedia.

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