Sneaker Spotlight: SBTG x Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

SBTG x Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

It’s always great to see when footwear companies branch out and reach out to sneaker customizers to create something special that can be produced for many to enjoy. Customizer Sabotage, also known as “SBTG”, has been adding his special touches to iconic Nike models for many years. His unique finishes include a special tiger camo, punk inspired motifs, as well as contrast stitching. In 2006 the Nike SB team gave him the opportunity to create a special Dunk low. The finished product is very sought after by many sneakerholics all around the world.

SBTG x Nike SB Dunk Low uploaded by MrNike

SBTG x Nike SB Dunk Low uploaded by MrNike

The attention to detail was astonishing for this collaboration. A high level of details and creativity he put into this pair was rarely seen at this point in the Nike SB line. The toe box and heel panels consisted of a rugged leather. The texture was very similar of skateboard grip-tape. SBTG’s signature was featured on the toe box in red script. Special camo print created for this pair is found throughout the model in an olive drab with the inside liner camouflage done up in red. On the mid panel he used a stencil rendition of his logo he utilizes for his own studio and shop, “Royale Fam”. An eye-catching feature on this pair is the removable shoe lace cover. This cover featured a pirate and crossbones that has been seen in his previous work. To finish of this pair a rustic gold Swoosh was added.

SBTG x Nike SB Dunk Low Angles

Initial distribution of this special pair was very limited with the first run of pairs released only in the Asian market. The actual number of pairs created is not known but we do know that shops received very few pairs. Quietly a few deliveries trickled into the states at very select skate shops. The Nike SB Dunk Low “SBTG” is an example on how creative the brand can be and offer a product that speaks levels of creativity. We are very fortunate to have this pair on the wiki.

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