Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 1 “Brazil”

Nike Air Max 1 "Brazil"

Originally designed back in 1987, the Air Max 1 has a long history when it comes to sneakerholics. The first colorway, red/white, is still coveted to this day, and the shoe is one of the first to show the world what Air Max looked like with a visible air unit. However, like most things, the Air Max one slowly lost its luster and feel to the back burner for more updated technology and newer deigns. That is, until Nike started to retro product and sparked a return of the timeless style.

Nike Air Max 1 "Brazil" uploaded by some.old.fart

Nike Air Max 1 “Brazil” uploaded by some.old.fart

A favorite for those that crave the classic style, the Nike Air Max 1 has been the subject of many collaboration and color changes that culminated in the Quickstrike release of the “Brazil” or “Pernambucco” colorway back in 2009. The model pulled in several colors that are often associated with Brazil like the mostly birch forefoot section, the turquoise eyelets and side panel, and the comet red liner. The upper featured a mix of premium leather and mesh, with an upgrade to suede at the toe. Many of the details of the have been spotted in releases today. Take the gradient on the swoosh that casually transitions from white, to turquoise, and back. Additional hits include the speckled ankle collar that uses a deeper red as the base and highlights it with green streaks.

Nike Air Max 1 "Brazil" HeelOne of the more interesting features of the Nike Air Max 1 “Brazil” was the outsole. They are translucent and were inspired by the culture of Pernambuco. Pernambucco is the home of Manguebeat (Mangue Bit), a musical movement in the city that focused on the cultural and economical stagnation of the city. it is also widely held that the sneaker was launched by Nike as a collaborative effort with SneakersBR to celebrate their second anniversary. The heel features the words “Esta Manis No Mesmo Lugar?” which loosely translates to “one step ahead and you are no longer in the same place.”

If you are looking to grab a pair of these, they are in pretty short supply. A quick look at eBay reveals that they are sitting at way above original retail.

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