Sneaker Spotlight: Chris Lundy x Nike Dunk Low “Laser”

Chris Lundy x Nike Dunk Low "Laser"

It’s not very often that you can find the Nike Dunk, or any Nike product, that is missing the infamous Swoosh. It was particularly surprising as in the early 2000’s the model was up in popularity thanks to the then-new Nike SB line, editions and many solid colorways. But at time Nike’s Mark Smith was working on lots of new ideas and techniques. When the lasering process was introduced, the Nike team went all in with new builds including this special artist Dunk Low.

Chris Lundy x Nike Dunk Low "Laser" uploaded by ciuffo

Chris Lundy x Nike Dunk Low “Laser” uploaded by ciuffo

A seamless Dunk Low was the blank canvas that Smith gave professional surfer Chris Lundy. The opportunity to be one of the first to utilize the process was one he cherished and the outcome resulting in what many consider one of the top artist collaborations in the last decade. Straying from the norm and not falling into the constraints of the Dunk panels, Lundy took the opportunity to use the lasering technique to feature something near and dear to this heart, the ocean. Crashing ocean waves were etched all-over the upper of the sneaker. Even with the familiar Nike name and Swoosh missing the Dunk silhouette stands on its own. The tan uppers sat atop a white/grey sole combination and tan leather interior. Each insole numbered from 1 to 200 on this special run to ensure the purchaser knew that these were a special pair.

Chris Lundy x Nike Dunk Low "Laser" 2

So popular was the look that a much wider release of the Lundy Dunk Low was created utilizing different colors and packed in a special box. But the original is still the more sought after version, luckily one of the 200 landed on the Wikipedia. Nowadays the lasering technique is used less frequently then back when these released in 2003, but we for one love to see the details created when it is used.

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