Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low “Space Tiger”

Nike SB Dunk Low "Space Tiger"

When the Nike SB Dunk Low “Space Tiger” first hit he web back in 2008, there wasn’t really much to say besides AWESOME. For one, we all love space and the potential of it being a hotbed of aliens, and then there are tigers. It is not really possible to explain the awesomeness of tigers and their stripes. A tiger is literally the third largest land animal behind the polar bear and the brown bear. Lets just say that other animals better watch their back.

Nike SB Dunk Low "Space Tiger" uploaded by Stopro

Nike SB Dunk Low “Space Tiger” uploaded by Stopro

While it would be enough to think that the team at Nike just wanted to put together two of the most awesome things they could think of for this Nike SB, that is not the case. For those sneakerholics out there with have love for Randy Covin, you would know that these were designed by him and were inspired by the World Industries “Space Tiger”  skate deck. The deck, as the name suggests, features a tiger head in space accompanied by a woman in a leopard print bikini. And yes you are right, things did just take a step up on the awesome meter.

Space Tiger Skateboard

Using space as the base for the shoe, Randy and Nike SB kept the majority of the silhouette black with white speckles to represent the stars. Those with an eye for detail will notice that the original “Space Tiger” board didn’t have all white stars, but instead mixed in green and yellow stars as well. It is this eye for details that provides the green laces and outsole, as well as the yellow Swoosh. Finally, as-if you couldn’t already tell, Randy was sure to include a healthy dose of tiger stripes across the heel, tongue, and insole, leaving res stitching and liner as a last ode to the board.

Nike SB Dunk Low "Space Tiger"

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