Sneaker Spotlight: Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab #2

Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab 2

A collaboration between Nike and sneaker stores generates intrigue due to handing the reigns of the color designs to these owners and enthusiasts. The Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab #2 is no exception to the fun color combinations that came out of the minds of these sneaker shop owners. Released on September 19th, 2006, they were only to be found at Nike Tier-Zero stores, a label designated to only the most exclusive sneakers. They were a part of a second go around from Foot Patrol, who designed this Air Stab the previous year. Foot Patrol, for the uneducated, is a sneaker store in London, UK that opened in 2002. As a high-end boutique, they have operated for over a decade as the premier location for some of the most popular brands out there. Not surprisingly Nike allow this premier retailer the prestige of working one of their most classic trainers.

Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab #2 uploaded by Lostcuban

Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab #2 uploaded by Lostcuban

The Nike Air Stab has seen its ups and downs as a sneaker with much controversy behind it. With a name that featured “stab” right across the side of the sneaker, its implications (especially in the UK with their legacy of Jack The Ripper) may have been deemed too negative for the average #sneakerholic. However, the Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab #2 did not seem to take offense to the history of these kicks, making it a classic color way in its long history. The official colors for the sneakers are Maple, Chamois, and Chutney. With heavy tan colors and light touches of blue, this seemingly basic pair has great intricacies behind it. Chamois makes up most of the base, while the mesh netting areas on the toe and sides are colored Maple. Chutney is seen on the heel, tab, swoosh, and midsole “teeth” on the sides. The blue color is lightly added on the Nike logo on the tongue, eyelet, “AIR STAB” on the side, and speckled along the midsole. Not as favorable as the first release, this pair still holds its own in the Nike Air Stab lineage. Be sure to leave any stories or favorite moments about these kicks or the Nike Air Stabs in general.

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