Sneaker Spotlight: Dave White

Celebrated British artist reveals his exceptional sneaker crate for a world exclusive with Sneakerpedia

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen us tweeting some teasers on location at a soon to be revealed new feature and now it is he for you to enjoy in full. One of UK’s current pop-culture icons, Dave White is a successful contemporary artist and diehard sneaker collector. For the first time ever, the global sneaker community is given a rare insight into Dave’s crate of vintage classics and exclusive one-offs, on the world’s biggest sneaker archiving project, Sneakerpedia.

Dave White has dedicated his work to celebrating popular culture and has been contributing to the world of sneakers since he pioneered the movement known as ‘sneaker art’ in 2002. This exclusive sneak peek into the crate of a true sneaker obsessive is a rare privilege for true sneaker fans.

DSC00356 (Large) Already home to crates from the likes of; DJ, film-maker and sneakerfreak Bobbito Garcia, DJ Clark Kent, Director Jonathon Mannion, Premier League footballer Darren Bent, and sneaker customiser Nash Money, Dave White is a welcome addition to this illustrious group of influential sneaker aficionados.

01 (Large)

In a two-part video exclusive with Sneakerpedia, Dave shares anecdotes and stories about how his collection grew and continues to do so, as well as his artistic inspiration, his perceptions of sneaker culture and how this has influenced his work.

04 (Large)

In part 1 of the exclusive interview, Dave White gives an insight into his latest work(s)  – ‘Natural Selection’ – which sees Dave stripping art back to its purest form using charcoal and clean lines to celebrate the natural camouflage and movement of endangered animals. He also shares his love of design classics – from Coke bottles to Air Force 1’s – and what has inspired his career over the years. He remembers seeing his first pair of Nike sneakers, which set off his sneaker obsession and shares his thoughts on Sneakerpedia. 

DW 8jp

Inspired by Dave White’s impressive crate and want to get in on the act then make sure you add your own sneaker collection directly onto Sneakerpedia and become part of sneaker history and to check out his art head to and also make sure you check Dave’s Sneakerpedia crate here

DSC00318 (Large) DSC00320 (Large)

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