Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk High “Ms. Piggy”

Nike SB Dunk High "Ms. Piggy"

Like the Nike Air Force 1, the Nike SB Dunk meticulously made its way into the hearts of #sneakerholics and skateboarders alike. The model, in its most basic form, is a blank canvas that allows for colors and material exploration that just isn’t available with other sneakers. The Dunk is basic by design, however, with the addition of the right colors, the shoe becomes as complex as the latest silhouette rolling off of a Nike production line.

Nike SB Dunk High "Ms. Piggy" uploaded by Reid_D

Nike SB Dunk High “Ms. Piggy” uploaded by Reid_D

Back in 2009, the Nike SB team took on a task to add a little playfulness to the Dunk High with a colorway inspired by the Queen Diva herself, Ms. Piggy. Making her first television appearance in 1974 with the muppets, Ms. Piggy quickly became one of the stars of the show. Her love for Kermit is unmatched, as is her love for karate. One could say that she is a star in the making, but she would argue that she is already a star.


Retailing as a Quickstike, the Dunk High Ms. Piggy was received with some skepticism because of the color scheme used on the shoe and many felt it didn’t really represent Me. Piggy. However, after letting some years pass and taking a look back at the shoe, it is the subtle ties to her personality that really make this shoe unique. The pink upper is an obvious nod to her skin and sensibilities, but for many this is where the association stops. The black and yellow don’t seem to tie into Ms. Piggy, though if taken lightly, they do exactly that. Ms. Piggy is known for her “High-yah” karate chop which can be tied to Bruce Lee and the black and yellow suit he wore in “Game of Death”. Finally, a white midsole is used to provide some separation before returning to a black outsole.

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