Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari”

Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari”The Supreme lineage of Nike sneakers are deemed only worthy to pairs that were considered the finest of quality and styles. The Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari” was definitely worthy of the title, earning itself as part of the tribute Nike pays to some of its classic silhouettes in their vault of sneakers. With its direct relation to the Air Safari ‘87, this ACG inspired pair has taken its roots from one of the most famous of Nike runners. Part of a “Greatest Hits” pack that saw similar inspirations placed on the Nike Air Stab and Air Max 90, this pair represents a consortium of combined classics. Initially released in 2008 to select Nike accounts, the pair was a popular choice for #sneakerholics in a similar silhouette sneaker in the runners.

Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari” uploaded by Marcus G

Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari” uploaded by Marcus G

The Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari”, as mentioned earlier has taken a direct association to the original Air Safari ’87. The color make up of Safety Orange and Black is just as classical as its inspiration itself. Safari print makes up most of the toe, lateral, and heel. Safety Orange can be found on the toe and lining. Black is seen on the rest of the leather and animal fur material found on the upper. Grey midsole offsets the upper and a Black and clear outsole can be seen on the lower. Some of the more memorable identifiers include the phrase “KEEP RIPPIN STOP SLIPPIN” stitched in Safety Orange on the heel. Also, the clear outsoles of both the left and right side when joined together form a picture of a lion’s head done on a brick wall in graffiti fashion. The draw for this pair lies in its roots in one classic meeting another. The street fashion and style comes out with the slogan stitched on the heel, making this one of the more sought after pairs of the Air Max 1 line.

Nike Air Max 1 Supreme “Safari” Outsole

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