Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Zoom Tre “Safari”

Nike SB Zoom Tre "Safari"

It is hard to fight the blended aesthetic of the Nike SB Zoom Tre. Though clearly a skate shoe, the model takes slight hints from the Nike Running category to create a slim toed model that could easily translate to a lifestyle sneaker if given the right colorway. 
Given its origins in 2006, the Nike SB Zoom Tre came at a time when Nike had a clear head about design and function. A phylon midsole provided the needed comfort for those all day skate sessions, and Zoom Air provided the impact protection. Another benefit of the Zoom Tre was the synthetic upper. As most skaters will tell you, it is hard to find a balance between a material that can catch the grip take, but also not be completely shredded after a few days. Finally, despite the durable upper, Nike managed to keep the shoe breathable, a must when skating on hot concrete.
Nike SB Zoom Tre "Safari" uploaded by ciuffo
Nike SB Zoom Tre “Safari” uploaded by ciuffo
Though it started off slow, the Nike SB Zoom Tre picked up interest with the release of a few distinct colorways. In 2007, Nike released the model with the famed “Safari” colorway. For #sneakerholics that aren’t in the know, the Safari print originated with Tinker Hatfield when he wanted to create a runner that was functional, but also had a taste of luxury. The result of this quest was the Nike Safari which was inspired by an ostrich leather couch. Blending Tinker’s print with the skateboard style of the Nike SB Zoom Tre brought us the Nike SB Zoom Tre “Safari”.
Unlike many of the releases that we see today that are inspired by the Safari, the Nike Zoom Tre stayed pretty true to the original design. From the tan toe, to the black accents, to the Safari Print at the ankle, the Nike SB Zoom Tre “Safari” was a great mix of lifestyle and function. These days, it is pretty hard to get your hands on the Nike Zoom Tre, though we know a retro of the Nike Air Mag colorway wouldn’t hurt.

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