Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly”

Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly”

2015 may be on the horizon, but Nike hasn’t lost sight of its past when it heads back to the future. When the Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly”released in 2008, it was a combination of both past ideas meeting new school technology; using the inspiration of a “newer” sneaker release to help with color placements and design implementation. With an obvious nod to the then unreleased Nike Air Mags, the Hyperdunk 2008 colorway used a draw of future appeal to a line of basketball kicks looking for the fast forward flare.  This limited release of only 350 pairs saw #sneakerholics dreaming to get a piece of a world that Robert Zumeckis created with Marty McFly’s travels in “Back to the Future” movie series.

Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly” uploaded by Wayne141

Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly” uploaded by Wayne141

The Nike Hyperdunk Supreme “Marty McFly” is the creation of joining a favorite color combination with an innovative trainer. Releasing with box art reminiscent of the “2010’s” pop art dreamed of in the 1980’s, the house for these kicks are eye catching in itself. Even the paper wrapping is a nod to Doc Brown’s famous “Great Scott!!” catch phrase thrown in to every outlandish occurrence throughout different time periods. With the official color way of Jetstream, White, and Pl Blue (2015), Nike is fast tracking the future when it comes to innovation. The overt nods to the Nike Air Mags in color placement are reflected in palette location. Blue speckled midsole on a Jetstream grey upper reflect a balance of cool, rain drops on a cement sidewalk. Blue flywire and “Nike” logo on the back add a subtle variety to a simple color. The standouts to the sneakers belong to the tongue, insole, and outsole. The tongue features “2015” and an intertwined arrow similar to the “Back to the Future” logo both set on a backdrop of the different dates Marty traveled to in his adventures. The insole is designed similar to the Mattel inspired Hoverboard of the future, making each step a ride in the air. To finish it off, Nike added a glow in the dark outsole, marking the bright lights that are similarly done on the bottom of the lit up Nike Air Mags.  Holding these reflections of the future in your hands, you may be waking up from these dream kicks asking yourself what year this is.

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