Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Lunar Air 180 OG

Nike Air Max Lunar 180 OG

When new meets old, Nike hits the ground running when joining a classic with newer technology. Nike has experimented with this formula before, seen with both implementation of 360 air unit and Flywire added to some of the more memorable sneakers in Nike’s catalog. Seeing the Nike Lunar Air 180 OG for the first time, it breathes life to a past silhouette, fusing new technology and comfort  to the styles and designs of old. Using original colors to help in the design of a sneaker definitely increases the visibility and familiarity to #sneakerholics trying to get into newer technology like LunarLon. Adding Lunar and a few newer technologies while keeping the original influences to the trainers seeks to give a revival of the classic to this Hybrid sneaker.

Nike Air Max Lunar 180 OG uploaded by Bradlay Law

Nike Air Max Lunar 180 OG uploaded by Bradlay Law

The Nike Lunar Air 180 OG keeps its original color way design. With an official color way of White, Ultramarine, and Bright Pink; the Nike classic is a direct progression of the old school classic released in 1991. Keeping the same color placements as the original is that nod to the familiar but updating the materials was key to the kick. The biggest addition was the change of material to all the Bright Pink on the midsole. Adding Nike’s Lunar technology to the heel cap, forefoot, and the area surrounding the air unit offers more comfort to each step, while keeping the 180 air unit gives the heel a more central cushioning. Nike also added the Lunar technology to the outsole, giving more shock absorbency. Also, the change of mesh on the upper to a Torch mesh adds to the breathability. When Nike dips into the Hybrid ideas, there tends to be a shift between too much technology and not enough of what made the classic what it is. The Nike Lunar Air 180 was able to bring together both ideas and is a proper successor to the line.

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