Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 95 “Human Torch”

Nike Air Max 95 “Human Torch”

While Marvel has hit the cinema industry in full force with their take on “The Avengers” franchise, there was once a point in their movie history that they focused on another team. When the Air Max 95 “Human Torch” released, it brought together a superhero theme with sneakers that stood to challenge what it means to collaborate with a major comic book franchise. “The Fantastic Four” debuted in 1961, featuring a team of four heroes imbued with super powers by cosmic rays. Written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the franchise has seen its stay in mainstream media last for over 50 years and multiple movies. Nike took it upon itself to release these kicks coinciding with the major movie release in 2005. Much like the movie that released, the sneakers came about with much criticism that saw the pack falter behind the Air Force 1 “Invisible Woman” release, also much like the movie.

Nike Air Max 95 “Human Torch” uploaded by Dj Fish

Nike Air Max 95 “Human Torch” uploaded by Dj Fish

The Air Max 95 “Human Torch” is first noticed by its completely patent leather upper.  The official colors of Deep Red, Orange Blaze, and Varsity Maize take center stage and match with a vivid brightness. Straying away from the classic suede/nubuck upper, the sneakers were definitely about bringing the heat. Color prisms of a red to yellow gradient matched the flames that go well with the Human Torch “costume”. A White midsole with a Deep Red outsole and air unit round out this classic in the Air Max 95 line, making it a funky part of any #sneakerholics collection. With an upcoming reboot headed for theaters in 2015, “The Fantastic Four” franchise has a mighty bright outlook ahead with the recent success of other Marvel Universe characters. Look for these kicks to also see a little bit of love come its way as the release of the movie gets closer.

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