Sneaker Spotlight: Nike Air Max 1 “USA”

Nike Air Max 1 "USA"

National pride and the celebration of cultures have direct ties to color combinations. The use of red, white, and blue create an identity that people are able to latch on to. The Nike Air Max 1 “USA” is able to encapsulate this, being a symbol of the United States not only with its color choices, but also with the choice of placing flag patches on the sneaker. Initially released in 2003, these kicks make it an easy choice to any true American looking to show their patriotism on their feet. As the United States celebrates their Independence Day this year, we take the time to remember the symbols of cultural identity, and how #sneakerholics are able to remember this day.

Nike Air Max 1 "USA" uploaded by airon0828

Nike Air Max 1 “USA” uploaded by airon0828

The Nike Air Max 1 “USA” has the official colorway of White, Varsity Red, Midnight Navy, and Light Zen Grey. Opposed to most signs of United States patriotism that tends to go for the over the top look, Nike kept the sneakers tasteful and elegant. Simple color palettes are featured throughout the classic silhouette. Midnight Navy runs throughout the lateral nubuck and outsole of the sneaker, while also featuring the same color lining. Light Zen Grey makes up the upper while the Varsity Red can only be seen on the swoosh. Classic White mesh with the same colored midsole makes these runners an easy mistake for an original release. As mentioned earlier, the placement of United States flag patches on both the tongue and heel add a nationalistic touch to the kicks. Make sure to regale in patriotic colors and celebrate the Independence Day with these tastefully done kicks on a timeless sneaker.

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  1. Do u know The actual price of those? Tnx

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