Sneaker Spotlight: Air Jordan 6 “Carmines”

Air Jordan 6 "Carmine"

Timeless moments and classic basketball eras have been defined by the sneakers that NBA players wear. No matter the occasion, the biggest center stage is set with the first thing that steps on the court. The Air Jordan 6 “Carmines” are no exception to this rule. Jordan, looking for ways to change his game after his grueling defeat against the Detroit Pistons in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, focused his attention on adding more muscle to his body. With the Pistons game plan of “Jordan Rules” that featured a very physical treatment towards “His Airness”, Jordan was looking to bounce back from his previous year’s performance. When the Air Jordan VI’s released in 1991, they were always remembered for the sneaker that pushed him over the edge and earned his first NBA Championship. Though the Air Jordan VI “Carmines” didn’t see some of the great performances that Jordan had throughout his Finals run, he did have some highlights in these defining kicks.

Air Jordan 6 "Carmine" uploaded by Mourad STREET RULES !!!

Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” uploaded by Mourad STREET RULES !!!

The Air Jordan VI “Carmines” originally released with a US retail of $125, a price that may have seemed high at the time but it is always Nike’s goal that the latest Jordan’s had to have the greatest basketball technology of the time. The official color way of White, Carmine, and Black, represented a nice home color blocking to match his jersey. One of the biggest improvements in these Jordan’s was the addition of extra padding in the ankles. Ventilation was seen all throughout the lateral sides and tough rubber was added to the heel and tongue tabs. One big addition seen was the reinforcement added to the toe cap, making the kicks durable and rugged. Another was more of an addition by subtraction, keeping the clear outsoles but added more rubber for better traction on the court.  The Jordan VI color blocking of interchanging White with Carmine make up the uppers. Black midsole and clear outsole make up the lower half of the sneakers. A Carmine colored tongue with famous lace lock make up the rest. Though these didn’t see any defining moments on the court, Jordan Brand honored these kicks in a 2008 retro as part of the Collezione Pack paired with the Air Jordan 17’s.  This was the first appearance as a retro in over 17 years.

MJ in Carmines

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