Sneaker Spotlight: Tom Sachs x NikeCraft

Tom Sach x NikeCraft

When most of us think of sneakers, the name Tom Sachs isn’t one that immediately comes to mind. His style of art is unrefined by most definitions and lacks the smooth lines associated with Nike product. However, do not let the lack of straight lines deter you from the majesty that is Tom’s work. His DIY approach to art has catapulted him into art houses and museums around the country, and has spurred the interest of an entire generation.
Tom Sach x NikeCraft uploaded by TkBlueberry1
Tom Sach x NikeCraft uploaded by TkBlueberry1

For his project with Nike, Tom, building on his SPACE PROGRAM: Mars installation, created an artisanal capsule collection, NIKECraft. Focused on the athleticism inherent in an astronaut, Tom incorporated the style and nuances of his artwork into the Mars Yard Shoe. In typical Tom Sachs fashion, the artist took to the Nike shoe without regard for its original form or material make up and incorporated items such as automotive air bags, mainsail for boats and the space suit. While this may seem arbitrary to the casual watcher, each of these materials could provide a function on the actual voyage to space.

tomsachsXnikecraft_02Not being limited to shoes, Tom Sachs also created a Trench, The Marsfly Jacket, and the Lightweight Tote around the installation. As with the Mars Yard Shoe, each piece was crafted from non-traditional materials that would serve as functional items on their own. According to Nike, Tom incorporated “Zipper pulls that double as storage containers, paracord that can be fashioned as a tourniquet and embellishments like the periodic table of elements screened on the inside of a jacket”. Launched back in 2011, the collection marked the vision of an artist with the company known for innovation and breaking boundaries. For a closer look at this incredible collection and the process behind it, be sure to visit

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