Sneaker Spotlight – Nike Air Total Foamposite Max

Tim Duncan Nike Ad Total Air Foamposite

The longevity of Tim Duncan’s career is a summation of everything that he does on the court. “Mr. Fundamental” has been able to have such a long, arching career due to relying on his wits and simplifying the game. His legacy as one of if not the greatest power forward in the NBA is as much remembered as the classic Nike Air Total Foamposites Max he wore. His career, spanning over 16 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, has seen him jump back and forth between adidas and Nike. Over the years, he’s had many signature sneakers from both brands, all with the signature Black and Silver that personifies all that is everything of the Spurs. His greatest moments in his Nike signature model occurred during the early 2000’s, launching a run of Championships that saw his total ring count reach 4 and possibly more.

Nike Total Air Foamposite uploaded by mrSamu3I

Nike Total Air Foamposite uploaded by mrSamu3I

Released in 2003, the Nike Air Total Foamposite Max capped off not only a successful run that saw David Robinson win his final ring as a Spur, but also saw Duncan win his second NBA Championship and earn the rights to Finals MVP. One of the most memorable moments during that 2003 playoff run came on May 15th in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. After capping off a dominating performance of 37 points and 16 rebounds, Duncan was pulled from the court along with the rest of the starters at the 2:26 mark of the game. Coach Gregg Popovich instructed his team, after a well handled game against the Lakers, to not prematurely celebrate winning the series before the match had ended. After playing a strong 42 minutes, Duncan was given a well earned rest and a sideline seat to watch his team easily beat the Lakers 110 to 82.

The Nike Air Total Foamposite Max took a new direction with the Foamposite line.  As per tradition with any Foamposites, the material was heavily used across the side paneling and makes up for most of the silhouette. What made these stand out was the full length visible air unit and classic Nike logo in hard plastic on the ankle, a simple setup for a player known to master the simple, fundamentals of the NBA.  The “claw” design on the side is reminiscent of flames while the ankle liner is evenly spread with dots, a timeless look for any basketball sneaker. Nike has recently brought back the line with different flavors and color make ups, but the classic black and silver will always be remembered in our minds as the team he represents year in and year out. Make sure to leave any stories about this pair or Tim Duncan in the comments below.

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