Sneaker Spotlight – Nike SB Dunk High “Sea Crystal”

Nike SB Dunk High "Sea Crystal"

As Nike was dominating the skating world with its ever popular silhouette, #sneakerholics were craving the wild and loud as new colorways began to surface. Though Dunk Lows seemed to be the more popular release, the Nike SB line gave a little love for the high tops with the Dunk High “Sea Crystal”. Being only a part of a handful of Dunk High SBs at the time, the “Sea Crystals” stood out by not only being loud and vibrant, but kept a form of simplicity with great materials. The “Sea Crystals” released in the middle of 2004, pushing forward the SB line that saw a new direction with the brand. Going over the top with new colorways that saw brighter and more vibrant materials, the SB line was definitely in its prime. Though the Lows had gained much traction in popularity, the Highs were slow to catch up. The “Sea Crystals” hoped to change the perspective on that.

Nike SB Dunk High "Sea Crystal" uploaded by Elsey

Nike SB Dunk High “Sea Crystal” uploaded by Elsey

The “Sea Crystals” ironically came out amongst a sea of low top sneakers. It’s no surprise with Nike SB’s formula for Dunk releases. Generally releasing two to three lows with one pair of highs, the success rate of the latter seemed inevitably low with the sole focus on making a strong case for the low tops. The “Sea Crystals” did their best to set the standard in changing the way we viewed the higher cuts by using loud colors. The official color way of Ice Green, Black, and Sea Crystal helped set a variance in both appropriate color palette and placement. The mainly Sea Crystal suede make up is balanced by the ice green located on the sides and towards the ankle. The Sea Crystal midsole is opposite to the black sole and reflects a certain class with the sneakers. Black swoosh, lining and laces makes this a classy pair of kicks, perfect for a formal engagement. Make sure  to leave any great stories about them in the comments below.

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