Sneaker Showcase: Happy Birthday Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady goes up for the dunk

A career long goal of advancing to the next round of the NBA Playoffs has eluded Tracy McGrady his 16 seasons in the league, until this year. Bringing back the adidas T-Mac 1’s may not have brought back his high-flying athleticism, but it certainly reminded #sneakerholics of a time when McGrady was in the same discussion with Kobe Bryant as the best player in the NBA. On May 24th, T-Mac will be celebrating his 34th birthday. Having spent more than half his life playing professional basketball, he’s earned many accolades throughout his long career. Though some of it had been mired by the constant and nagging injuries he’s incurred over the years, his time with the Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Qingdao Eagles, and now San Antonio Spurs has shown that as long as there is passion for him to play, he will do it. And throughout all this, adidas has stuck by his side, giving him his own signature line and now a retro line, infused with all the great memories he’s had as a player.

Starting in April 2002, adidas signed McGrady to a lifetime contract that has included over 10 different signature models. Each model has had their own significance, but the most popular ones were of his earlier releases. The one of the most memorable moments in his career came against his nww team the San Antonio Spurs while he was with the Houston Rockets. Less than a minute to go which saw the Spurs with a healthy 8 point lead with 36 seconds left in the game. There, Tracy (while rocking the T-MAC 4’s) went off on a 3-point barrage that saw him score 13 points to finish the game, which includes both a 4-point play and last second three to go ahead. Though his career may be winding down now, it’s fun to remember why he was such a fan favorite in the early 2000’s and why adidas decided to give him a lifetime contract. Check out some of the sneakers he wore on the court and special colorways made for him

adidas T-Mac 1 "Year of The Snake" uploaded by Moo-Shoo

adidas T-Mac 1 “Year of The Snake” uploaded by Moo-Shoo

adidas T-Mac 1 "OG" uploaded by Van Nostrand

adidas T-Mac 1 “OG” uploaded by Van Nostrand

adidas T-Mac 2 uploaded by SonOfRagingJoe

adidas T-Mac 2 uploaded by SonOfRagingJoe

addias T-Mac 5 Black/Red

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