Sneaker Spotlight: Nike SB Dunk Low “720”

NIke Dunk Low Pro SB "720"

Back in 1986 when the biggest video game system around was the Atari, the company release one of the first extreme video games around, 720° Degrees. As one of the first extreme sports games released, the game achieved a bit of a cult following and will always have a spot in video game history. A little more than 20 years after its release, Nike SB hearkened back to the good ole’ days with the Nike SB Dunk Low 720°.

NIke SB Dunk Low "720" uploaded by BrownGlue

NIke SB Dunk Low “720” uploaded by BrownGlue

By the time 2008 rolled around, the Nike SB line had gained a solid footing and was branching out beyond the hard-core skate community and was becoming a favorite in the sneaker community. Attracted to the story telling and designs, more and more sneaker collectors were taking notice of the work Nike SB was doing. Continuing with their amazing story telling, Nike SB brought extreme sports, video games, and quality footwear together for this particular release. Using the graphics from the game and advertising as inspiration, the sneaker started with a checkerboard liner and bright orange laces. Other stand out features were a leather and suede mix on the toe, quarter panels, and heel that mirrored the darker colors in the game. Finally, we see a pink Nike Swoosh on the side panel and bright yellow on the tongue and heel. The yellow hue was directly taken from the title sequence and directly ties the shoe to the game.

NIke Dunk Low Pro SB Cover

Released in May of 2008, the model went on to be one of the most original colorways of the Nike SB line and features one of most colorful uppers we have seen. Add in the fact that the model represents one of the first extreme sports video games every created, and we have a Nike SB that will remain a highlight within the sneaker community and respected by sneakerholics everywhere.

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