Sneaker Showcase: Nike Air Yeezy

Nike Air Yeezy

Released on April 6th, 2009, the Nike Air Yeezy marked the company’s first true signature sneaker with a non-athlete. The Air Yeezy was the first Nike signature model for Kanye West, “the voice of this generation.” Coming out in very limited quantities, this pair of kicks truly marked a new influx of #sneakerholics. Not only did it bring in the fans of one of the more popular rappers of this century, but it also added a shift in style for Nike in their direction of their Sportswear line. Nike adding an artist to their signature line allowed them to branch out the Sportswear series to feature more emphasis to form and style instead of function. The color palette, placement, and use of materials helped to mark these sneakers as a timeless classic; the higher retail price point also set a standard for high fashion footwear.

Nike Air Yeezy "Zen Grey" uploaded by Elsey

Nike Air Yeezy “Zen Grey” uploaded by Elsey

Kanye West has always been known to be quite extravagant. Whether it’s the clothes he’s wearing, the performances he puts on for his fans, or even in his interviews, cover photos, and memorable quotes; Mr. West takes center spotlight in putting on a show whenever he is seen. This is no exception with his first Nike line. Released in three colorways with an US retail price point of $215, the Nike Air Yeezy became a highly collectible sneaker due to the demand and extremely limited numbers available.  The three colorways include: Net/Net, Zen Grey/Lt. Charcoal, and Black/Pink. The first colorway to drop, the Zen Grey’s, featured a glow in the dark sole, a suede toe cap with the letter “Y” printed throughout, and an overlaid patent leather strap with the same print.

Nike Air Yeezy "Black_Pink" uploaded by Jay BKRW Smith

Nike Air Yeezy “Black_Pink” uploaded by Jay BKRW Smith

The second colorway, Black/Pink, featured some of the same material make ups as the first release. The suede toe cap did not have the familiar print but the rear panel featured it throughout. Also, the middle panels had a ballistic nylon material to aid in breathability. The Net/Net colorway was the last of the set, and mainly featured a less over the top look. Going with only the “Y” print on the suede toe cap. Regular leather and patent leather make up the rest of the sneaker while featuring a glow in the dark swoosh. All the pairs had the familiar “Yeezy” heel tab and “Y” lace lock. With premium leathers and a silhouette closely resembling the Air Jordan III (most notably with the sole), it’s easy to see why this sneaker took off an infamy and became a popular addition to any collection. Be sure to post any great stories on their release in the comments.

Nike Air Yeezy "Net" uploaded by Jay Darren Bent

Nike Air Yeezy “Net” uploaded by Darren Bent

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